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Mold Remediation (Removal)
Mold remediation (remedying) is completed to the standard of independent, air sampling and clearance-testing release. When water leaks or spills occur indoors–act promptly.
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How much do you know about mold?
Mold is microscopic that needs plant or animal matter in order to grow. It is estimated that there are greater than 100,000 different species of mold that exist across the world. The purpose of mold is to break down organic material and recycle them for future use by plants and animals. Because mold grows by digesting the organic material, they gradually destroy whatever they grow on. Mold growth on surfaces can often be seen in the form of discoloration, frequently green, gray, brown or black, but also white and other colors. The family of mold includes mildews, yeasts, fungus, large mushrooms and mold. These thinly spun, threaded organisms produce spores that then allow them to spread themselves to different locations. Mold typically reproduce through their spores that are released into the air and land on moist, organic materials. The spores then germinate and begin expanding out in elaborate networks.

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Air Duct Cleaning
Clean air ducts are the foundation for good indoor air quality. Homeowners and business owners want to breathe clean indoor air for themselves, their guests, employees, and customers. Over several years, air ducts can also become contaminated with mold, fungi, and bacteria, as well as dust. Proper removal with equipment like air duct cleaning machines and systems is one way to improve indoor air quality.

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An enclosure of polyethylene sheeting is constructed to completely cover the work area or isolated an area from non-containment areas. Depending on the size of the area, the containment area is kept under negative pressure at all times during the remediation process to prevent the escape of any air that could potentially contaminate other parts of the building.

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Negative air pressure is achieved using some type of air moving equipment such as fans, negative air machines or air scrubbers.
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Protective Gear
Our team of trained professionals wear industry approved protective suits and breathing gear not only to protect themselves, but to avoid contaminating areas outside the containment zone.
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Advanced Environmental Service Policy & Goals
Advanced Environmental is the #1 choice of the Real Estate industry leaders because of our EXPERIENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM and most of all our work ethics. We service all of the greater Los Angeles with offices coming soon in the Orange County area. We are a company with one goal, "SERVICE".

Advanced Environmental aims to ensure that:
  • What is promised is actually delivered, on an ongoing and consistent fashion.
  • The client is perfectly happy at all times with the standard of the service rendered.
  • There are never problems of poor quality or poor communication.
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